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Meet the Smith Keane Team

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals waiting to help you identify and protect your intellectual property.
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Let us help provide direction through chaos.  Our firm was proudly founded for, and is grounded in principles of, providing objective and understandable legal advice and guidance to our clients.  Instead of the arcane “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” practice of law, we have developed and seek to continue improvement of efficient processes and procedures to manage IP portfolios, regardless of size.

We will guide.  We will clarify.  You are in the driver’s seat; we help you identify, define, and/or execute your IP strategy.

Team Members

Melissa A. Spindler
Founding Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Registered Patent Attorney

Melissa’s practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, with an emphasis on intellectual property litigation and dispute resolution.

Garet K. Galster
Founding Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Registered Patent Attorney

Garet works with clients towards efficient and strategic IP management, assertion and defense; from concept through all levels of appeal.

Jordan A. Liff
Associate, Attorney-at-Law, Registered Patent Attorney

Jordan is an associate IP attorney. With a background in history and physics, he provides services in all areas of intellectual property law to provide comprehensive, well-rounded advice to achieve client goals.

Stephanie L. Esser

Stephanie uses her extensive experience in customer service to support our attorneys and clients.  From litigation to patent prosecution or trademark registration, Stephanie is there to assist from beginning to end.

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Why Choose Us

Smith Keane provides inventors, entrepreneurs, and established businesses the insight, knowledge, and support they need to protect their ideas and inventions through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our clients can confidently invest their time, energy, and money in their business knowing these assets are being strategically managed.

Highly Experienced

We have breadth and depth; both are important when providing comprehensive intellectual property advice and services.

All Types

Protection, assertion and defense; we help you get, maintain and protect your proprietary competitive position.

Great Track Record

While each situation depends on its particular facts and timeline, our successes and client retention speak for themselves.

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Help me see the full picture!​

Don’t leave fruit on the vine or proceed without knowing the landscape.
Contact Smith Keane to help identify, assess, protect, and manage your intellectual property.​

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